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Wordsmith for Hire

Harper 2012/12/02 1
Wordsmith for Hire

Wordsmith for Hire

I write, offering commentary, blogs and articles on life and products that enhance ones realities. It’s a talent I have, cherish and hone. It enriches me and feeds the soul, posting thoughts and observations on aspects of the world I encounter.

Increasingly I’m asked as a wordsmith, as a catalyst, to help others, inform, market or crystalize their ideas. Clients, partners and patrons find my skills of value, well worth my modest fees. The results of my collaborations, the success of my efforts has been rewarding for all involved.

As curator of and wordsmith for hire, I can be contacted at or

Life is Good

Cherish Each Moment

Explore Every Opportunity

Honor the Wisdom Inside You



About the author

Harper is the pen name of Ron Isaacson. As a wordsmith he looks in his writings to act as a Catalyst for ideas and stimulate conversation. As a spokesperson for others he helps express their thoughts and promote: ideas, products and services.





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  1. Harper 2013/01/07 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    Now offering personalized “Love Letters” and the “Poetry of Romance” to help you express your own thoughts and feelings to the ones you LOVE.

    Romance exists around and through us but often the words escape our grasp.

    With a little background information, a brief glimpse to your goals and intent will enable me to craft your message into something magical and memorable.

    Contact: and find out more about this personal, private and afforable opportunity to reach out to the one you LOVE

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