The Truth about Harry

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The Truth about Harry
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Some Dates are out of this world, some like Harry are otherworldly.
Here’s a tale from SB in Chicago

I met Harry this past summer at Ravinia, a marvelous outdoor music and theatre venue on Chicago’s North-Shore. The group Chicago was on stage for it’s annual concert, In attendance were people my age that had grown up with their songs and friends of the band. The park was packed and everyone was having a grand time singing along and grooving to the music. Harry stood out in the crowd. He was wearing a cool hat.

I like hats and was drawn to him. He was enjoying the music and we started talking and harmonizing to familiar tunes. It was a perfect summer night. I was there to enjoy a starlight concert with some other friends and although he was a stranger, Harry was fun to talk to. As the evening came to an end, we made plans to meet for dinner a few nights later. We set a time to meet at a great neighborhood restaurant. I went home smiling and was really looking forward to seeing him again.

Harry arrived on time, looking dapper and interestingly, wearing the same hat he wore the night we met. In no hurry, for it was another gorgeous starry night, we walked the area filled with galleries and antiques shops. We strolled and talked for about an hour before heading in for dinner.

We were shown to a lovely inside corner table and sat down. He helped me remove my light wrap and draped it carefully over the back of my chair. Curious, I thought, he did not take off his hat. In doors, in a nice restaurant, I thought a man should remove his hat at the dinner table. It bothered me also that his face was in shadow and his expressions were hard to read. So I casually asked Harry to remove his hat. His reaction was unforeseen.

Harry suddenly got upset, he became fidgety and stopped talking. Concerned, I asked him what was wrong. He could not remove his hat, he replied, because it was protecting him from the aliens who wanted his brain. I laughed, thinking he was joking. Harry then proceeded to tell me he had tin foil on the inside of his hat and it protected him. I laughed again. We finished dinner with great conversation, lots of laughing, Harry all the while kept his hat on.

Then Harry walked me back to my car and kissed me goodnight saying he had a wonderful time. He asked when we could do it again. I reached over, tipped his hat up, smiled and said, perhaps next week. He grabbed for his hat in a panic and started shaking. My eyes went wide, my jaw dropped when I saw that his hat was lined with tin foil. I fumbled for my keys and watched Harry walk away talking to himself under the brilliant star filled sky. That was the last time I saw Harry.
SB- Chicago

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