Free tips before booking your – Romance Weekend Getaway

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Free tips before booking your – Romance Weekend Getaway

It needn’t cost a lot to experience romance. With a little preparation you can create and savor the experience and have your romantic getaway become a lasting memory. Read our free list of the top five ways to enhance romance before you book a special getaway for a romantic evening or weekend.

  1.  The journey of romance is best when measured in special moments, slow the experience to heighten the pleasure. Small steps build memories. Look to share your joy and happiness in and with your love. Planning will maximize the event and the memories.
  2. Choose a place and set the stage. The setting could be a favorite place or a new adventure. But it should be recognized as a vision shared or dreamed, with elements both familiar and exciting in its specialness. If the location for the romantic encounter is Spartan or devoid of special touches, accessorize. Bring your own special bed sheets, extra pillows, candles, oils, flowers wine glasses etc. Remember as well anticipation plays a major part of the romantic encounter. And don’t forget about the time in route to your destination.
  3.  Extend an invitation to re-romance. Surprises are nice but caught unaware and unprepared; you open the door to a less than ideal response. Invitations can be subtle hints, signals or signs that something good awaits. Look for telltales in response to your actions, be aware of comments, body language and words that will help you gauge the next move. When you and your love are attuned, let your feelings flow and go.
  4.  Empower all the senses. Taste, touch, smell, sight and sounds can move to enhance your love. Throughout your getaway engage as many senses as possible in a variety of ways. Explore your passion with an array of favorite food, drink, music. Sprinkle these delights to engage the senses at different times of day and night. Combine the elements to treat each other in fun and memorable combinations. Savor and rejoice in the experiences.
  5. Come prepared to share your thoughts, feelings and desires. Personalize the moments with words and insights that describe how you feel when you are together, when you are apart, when you rise in the morning, at the end of your day. Plan in advance ways to always remember this special time. Perhaps a keepsake, a journal entry, photo or special sharing to reflect on the magic of your romantic encounter and share later.

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  1. Harper 2012/11/13 at 11:00 am - Reply

    We appreciate all the great comments from readers who have found these tips helpful and look forward to more tales of wonderful romantic getaways… Harper

  2. Lauri 2012/12/05 at 2:24 am - Reply

    Your post, Free tips for the best romantic weekend getaway @ re-romance, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards from Lauri!

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