Top 25 Romantic Phrases

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Top 25 Romantic Phrases

Looking to discover and define what romance is, we offer our – Top 25 Romantic Phrases

  1.   Being with you feels so right.
  2.   I love it when you touch me like this.
  3.   I was so excited about seeing you today.
  4.   This day was wonderful, I can’t wait till we are together again.
  5.   I savor the time we are together.
  6.   You are an amazing person.
  7.   You have know idea how you make me feel.
  8.   No one has ever made me feel this way before.
  9.   It’s amazing how much we have in common.
  10.   It would be fantastic to explore the world through your eyes.
  11.   I never knew being with someone this close could feel so good.
  12.   You define my idea of the a loving, caring soul.
  13.   Each day we are together I feel more complete.
  14.   The times we are apart feel empty.
  15.   When I close my eyes, I see us together.
  16.   I often wonder what it would be like to wake up in the morning with you by my side.
  17.   When we are together, time passes much to quickly.
  18.   It feels as if I’ve known you before, perhaps I’ve met you in my dreams.
  19.   When I hold you in my arms, my body tingles and I don’t want the feeling to end.
  20.   You’ve redefined my idea of joy and happiness.
  21.   Something changed within me when we met, I felt drawn to you and had to explore the feeling that came over me.
  22.   Talking to you comes so easily, listening to you speak is even better.
  23.   I can’t shake this feeling, deep inside of me, you’re the one for me.
  24.   Every breath I take when you are with me, invigorates me.
  25.   There is something about you that’s rare and wonderful.

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  1. Willow 2012/08/09 at 7:51 am - Reply

    You bring me back to myself because there is no separation between us

    The light in my heart brightens when I think of you

    You teach me to Be Source energy

    Your touch sends electric waves through to my soul

    Together we can explore the infinite possibilities of Life

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