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I am Harper, the creator of this site. Friends and colleges best know me as a catalyst. I help other people put things and ideas in motion.  In the fall of 2010, I turned this talent inward and began a in-depth quest of self discovery. Coming off a 35 year relationship, I needed to find out who I was, what I wanted from life, and how I wanted to live it. If I were to find a true soul mate I knew I must start in the depths of my own soul.

I am by nature and training, an artist. As such, I look at the world differently than most. I have always sought out and gotten excited over the beauty of things. A myriad of shape, color, texture, sound, word or deed, the world around me is alive and exciting. All these sensations explode in my minds eye. The wonderful and sublime, the tragic and painful all in various intensities, engulf me. I live in a state of WoW! I, by some grand design, came into this world as and remain a romantic soul.

Some readers may say, that sounds great. Here is a  person who lives in a state of WoW!  But for me, a guy alone, my WoW!  turned to a diminished, wow. I had no one to turn to and share my excitement and this new reality only intensified my loneliness.  Suddenly single, overcoming the grief and despair of my unforeseen divorce, I re-entered the dating game – a game I hated in my teens and fumbled through in my twenties. I have always desired a soul mate, a deep personal relationship with another based on love, understanding, compassion and sharing of values. This was a status, that as a mature adult I now faced with reluctant necessity. It was in this new paradigm I discovered a collective of women and men at various stages, all searching for happiness, looking for WoW.

An artist is a curator of information, studying and observing life. As a professional, an entrepreneur, a coach, a consultant, a catalyst, this is the methodology I use to learn and evolve. It was natural that, when encountering strangers, after hearing my story, sharing my pre and post divorce adventures, others felt comfortable sharing their tales. Tales of hopeful dates, failed dates, stressful, wasteful, demeaning, and discouraging. I entered a world of people searching, longing for a connection that would bring joy to their existence.

Why this quest, what prize, what reward drove us, I wondered?  Was joy, happiness, true love and Romance so elusive? Could wholeness only come from being with a soul mate?

I listened and curated tales, oft just an endless stream of comments, discarded moments and memories. I discovered, in some, hidden in the narrative, was a common longing for something else. Distilled down in the core of “why?”were answers. Those re-entering the dating game, the game of love, the grandest of all quests and grand adventures, are on a quest for something magical. Something beyond the thrill of the chase, the joy of sex, the pleasures derived from companionship or the devotion of a pet. For some it comes only from a deep relationship with a soul mate, for some it’s found in a chrome covered Harley or a ride through a lush valley on a back of a Chestnut Stallion. For others it might only be found in the music and caress of vintage Martin guitar.

As I discovered more about myself, regained strength and confidence in who I was. I rededicated myself to bring Romance into my life. I knew my soul mate existed somewhere. Each on our separate journey, we would be drawn together across time, space and our union would be replete with lasting passion, Romance and sharing of all that implied.

And yes, it’s possible to reignite Romance, find true love, I have.

For all those embarked on this glorious quest, I invite you to bare witness, share and participate in this grandest of adventures. As curator, I offer stories of people who have found their passion, regained or search of true reciprocal love and understanding.  These are tales of Romance from the heart…the place where dreams can become reality.

RE-Romance NOW ! …Harper

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