The Tantra of Relationship

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The Tantra of Relationship

The Tantra of Relationship by Willow…

Tantra has been used in the West as a word describing sex. It is curious that this most sacred practice in Eastern philosophies has been distilled down to an act of lovemaking when in fact has traditionally been taught as a sacred practice of Union. Pairs of opposites can come together and form something altogether different from the separate parts.

For example, when two lives come together there can be a tantra of energies with the masculine moving forward into the unknown and the feminine receptive, nurturing side, accepting the new. Whole vs the parts; this and that; being still and being in motion; inner quietude and outer busyness; plants and the sun, butterflies and flowers; the list is endless.

So how might Love be considered a tantric practice without involving sex?
There is a give and take to our traditional concept of relationship. There exists a commitment to an ideal, while encouraging independent thinking and acting. Lovers might sometimes entwine like a yin/yang symbol, or even breath together when in each others presence.

These parts make a dynamic new form that might be capable of creating something beyond what one or the other in the relationship might consider. There are mental attributes, emotional ties, physical interactions, and a spiritual component that ultimately can hold two people together in a field of energy that bonds more deeply than any of the other aspects.

With two minds playing off one another, when there is acceptance of one another and an honoring of thoughts shared, there can be a dynamic, almost explosive mental expansion with ideas and plans coming together synergistically.

Emotionally, we feel one another when we are engaged in a loving union. When there is something amiss, often a couple can feel each others anguish or need for help, just as each might feel the others joy and elation. This can happen miles or continents apart. The strong emotional tie often remains the most difficult to break when couples split up.

Then of course there is the physical component which may or may not involve sexual union. Boddhisattva’s on Tankas – sacred paintings on cloth, will often have a female consort in a sexual pose, but how better to denote a complete union of heart and soul?

When all of these components come together, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, that’s when there is real tantra of heart/mind, body/soul, personality/spirit. This is what is so longed for and so often unfulfilled in life.

But how glorious when all of this is present after so many years of not having it in a relationship.  How absolutely amazing it is to have this now after the children are out of the house, middle age has long-passed and the last phases of life are upon us. Ask for it all I say.  We CAN have it ALL!


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  1. Rishi 2012/07/25 at 10:43 am - Reply

    Romancing can be passionate or dispassionate. It can be personal or non-personal just as it can be beyond the mind and from the heart. Or it can be from the heart/mind, synthesizing into just Being.

    One can romance an idea, a hobby or a zest for living. For example, I might have a kind of love affair with my meditation practice because it takes me into expanded states of awareness, allowing for more than a physical climax. The electric surge of energy pulsing up from the base of the spine might bring a splash of sacred geometrical colors, bouncing into an inter.dimensional field of pure ecstasy, producing something beyond a mere desire-based pleasuring.

    Romance with another person can bring blissful states with a kiss, an exchange of ideas, or the full-on orgasmic experience of Kundalini fire shooting through the entire body. There are endless definitions and stimulating activities associated with this most interesting topic!

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