Sunrise, awakening

Harper 2012/10/10 0
Sunrise, awakening

Wednesday…Sunrise is delicious up here in the mountains. I look forward to the daybreak, which hold promise of renewal as the sun moves up to cast its glow through the clouds and mist mixing in the thermals.

As the one I love stirs from sleep and I gaze across her shoulder, out the window to the east, the dense blackness of the sky and the faded glow of visible light from lingering stars give way to reveal …

And in the mysterious unraveling of a new morning, each blink of eye unveils unexpected and often profound beauty.

This morning was one such awakening.


Saturday …Hazy day on the mountain, the air barely moving and yet the few birds that chose not to fly south, dart across the stilllife out my window. The morning sunrise was grand, the passion I shared with my love, the sensations of our union still tingle within…

Lower in the valley, I still see the leaves of golden aspens cling to branches as I savor my Chai tea to ward off remnants of yesterdays lingering cold and the chill that now runs toe to head, as fall in mountain settles in to the crevices of our home on the hillside. Outside calls me to leave the warm comfort of this room, some adventure awaits this day…so I’ll take the hand of my lady love and venture forth…


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