Stan the movie man

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Stan the movie man

Joining movie groups are a great way to meet potential dates. Sometimes they follow the script, sometimes they don’t. Here’s short example that was sent to us.

 Stan the movie man

Looking to meet men of culture and taste, I joined a movie group with many nice people in my age bracket. Common interests would be key to a happy relationship, so I thought. Stan was a member, a stand-up guy and during various events I found him to be very nice. His comments during group meetings were insightful and astute. I found myself eager to hear his views on the movie of the month.

I was flattered and a little excited when he asked me out. This was going to be fun I told myself. We made a date for dinner with details to be worked out by email the following day.

The next day his message hit my in-box. No reference to any movie under discussion, no great words from some famous script. No film noir or romance I could recognize. The message from Stan,  “Lick lick… suck suck… I will pick you up at six”.  It’s meaning did not require in-depth translation.

Though perhaps a line from some obscure studio with short flicks available only by mail order, his offer had little to do with what I had envisioned for our date. I immediately came down with a horrible cold, perhaps a strep throat and left Stan hanging for the evening. I never went back to movie night.

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