Telling Tales

Telling about your experiences, a short story or tales of your search for love and romance, comes easy for some. For others it’s hard. Why bother?  Why give thought to putting past dates, failed attempts at romance in story form?  Most often when shared with a friend or group of friends, the tale of the most recent episode tumbles out, or is shared in bits and pieces. The result of your tale, perhaps a chuckle, a comment, a round of drinks to the experience or perhaps when shared fully, a heart felt hug from a true friend.

But, in the throes of dating, crafting, giving thought to and telling your tale, can be a valuable learning experience. An experience you can then share more deeply with another in your life, be it a current family member or new potential best friend. Most of all, while you reflect on the experience, it’s OK to dream of “what if’s”. As we search for answers, look to define, “What is Romance?”, reading tales and offering our own helps.

While real life dating doesn’t allow for do-overs, you may at some point, find yourself in a similar situation. Reflection alerts you to possible outcomes. Thus armed, you have an opportunity to alter the course of a date and create a different reality. Bad dates, wrong turns, missed opportunities can make you stronger and enable you to find, recognize, appreciate romance when it happens

So, here are 10 simple tips and tools to help you craft your tale of searching for romance and love. Stages, some short story tellers often use to move listeners/reader from beginning  to end. (Remember your not being asked to author the next best romance novel.)

  1. Briefly describe the scenario to set the tone, or mood. Was there a reason for the date? A special occasion, an event that precipitated it? Who was the other person? How did/do you know them?
  2. What were your basic expectations or fantasies? Prior to the date, as you let your imagination unfold, how would it have progressed and how would that have made you feel?
  3. Tell how the date started and progressed. Tell your first impressions. What were your thoughts as you conversed, as you moved through stages of the date?
  4. What signals were you getting from your date and how did that make you feel? What went right and when did you note that your expectations were not going to be met?
  5. When did things start going wrong and what went through your mind?
  6. Were you content with letting the date take it’s course or did you decide to end it sooner?  (Do you have a list of possible exit/escape plans from uncomfortable situations- which one did you implement?)
  7. What was your dates reaction to your response to the events during the date? How did you counter or flow with that? What was the result?
  8. How did the date end?
  9. What did you conclude about the other person?
  10. What did your resolve to do as a result of the experience?

As you ponder the stages of your date, reflect on what transpired. Weave into your tale the mood and feelings that washed over you. Share the elements you remember about your surroundings, your distractions, observations of time, place, sounds, others. Close your eyes for a moment and reminisce on that time spent. Don’t worry about fine details, hard facts or total accuracy. Your memories and feelings coming away from the date are what truly matters. Allowing yourself to dream is a big part in the game of, the search for romance. It allows you to move on, try again. With the hope that next time, the next date you’ll find true love. Now write and let the words express what you feel.

And should you wish to share your tale, perhaps it can inspire or strike a cord with another on the path, searching for romance. ( Note: I reserve the right to edit for length, clarity, message and flow in the telling of your tale)

Thanks for sharing. Visit us often and tell a friend. You never know when your words will appear. Harper.

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