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As a writer, a poet, a seeker of joy and beauty, I have drawn strength and courage from the heartfelt tales of others. Looking to answer the question, What is Romance? What have you discovered in following your passions. Much wisdom can be shared and learned by the writers and readers of such.

  • I am looking for real life stories of people searching for or finding love, Romance or following their passions.
  • Share your definition of Romance.
  • Share short stories of  encounters on the path to finding  joy in life.
  • Put into words, a paragraph or two on experiences you’ve had.
  • Tell a brief tale from your life (or a friends).
  • Offer up simple moments that may have made you quiver or shiver.
  • Post tales, that in reflection, may have made you sigh or made you cry.
  • Share observations and sighting of random acts of Romance.

You are invited to Re-Romance NOW !

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