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There are a number of ways we define Romance. Here we look at the nature of Romance in the context of love. We also begin to look at Romance in other ways, in living our life with passon. And, in our post “Romancing the Stone” we explore the concept of romance on a deeper connection that drives our passions. We invite you to discover the facets of romance throughout our site and to add your own thoughts  to answer the question, “What is Romance?” ...Harper

Romance and Love

Divorced, dumped, widowed or suddenly single or feeling alone and empty, we search for romance. What is this thing called love, that elusive feeling both wonderful and cruel? What is that spark, when flamed, can take and swell our heart or break it?

Once full of anticipation and hope and promise we were content to wait for it. The first time, those first dates, first loves, young loves, those were happy joyous times. Those were exciting times. We whirled and twirled our way from one adventure to another. We changed partners, moving to  a special rhythm. Unabashed we reached out to another like participants in a dance. We were unafraid in touching hands with strangers. All senses alert for a tingle, a connection with the next touch. We knew it was possible.

The concept or romance was alive within us. Even if outwardly timid or shy, or bold and brave, we felt it. Some of us were beauties in blossom; others wall flowers sitting in corners hiding. Geeks, nerds, jocks or jerks, we were all in attendance, with animal instincts looking for, hoping for love, for romance to find us.

Now, in this reality, first timer’s no longer, early loves are gone or forgotten. Romance once found is now elusive. Cherished memories are bitter sweet. Pains of lost love linger. For some the wounds are still fresh and deep. For others emptiness, a void may remain where romance enveloped us. But we hold hope; we believe that maybe somewhere, sometime, somehow we can find it again. Now we search for a new rhythm to begin a new dance. We look again for love and romance.

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Romance and Passion

There was a time, not that long ago when romance was a way of life. At its core was the pursuit of a passion, about finding and fulfilling a dream. Romance was a mood, woven into our connection with our known universe and the feelings that reached deep in our soul.

Re-Romance  invites people to explore that passion. For some it is writing, weaving words and crafting a tale.  For others it’s loosing oneself to music or the creative muse in an art form. Some find it in the glint of chrome covering a vintage Harley, others astride the back of a stallion galloping through pristine forests. Still others experience romance in the moment of awe and wonder, in ascent of a mountain peak or the rush downhill in new fallen snow.  An astronomer just shared of his romance with the heavens from his small encampment in the middle of the desert.

Visit the posts on “Romancing the Stone” to broaden your definition of romance and honor what is shared by others. Perhaps you will recognized romance can be found in many forms and within you as well.

What is Romance?     What is it we search for?     How do we define it?

You’re invited to share your definition and encourage others to share theirs.

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Re-Romance Now !….Harper

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