Life Through the Lens of a Romantic

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Life Through the Lens of a Romantic

Life Through the Lens of a Romantic by Harper

Delving into the mysteries of life for answers to the question ”What is Romance?” my thoughts on Romance have expanded.  The concept of Romance has exploded like a rainbow of crystalline fragments, to pierce the veils of fact, fiction, hope, passion, spiritual quest and commerce.  Researching the topic and reading scores of posts from others along the periphery of Romance genre, history, philosophy, id and ego have deepened my quest.  As I search for connectivity of this innate force that sparks life and brings us joy, I’m driven to share further tales of my journey.

My world is not insular; my life force takes me to many places.  This thread of posts is different than others within this blog.  With an artist’s eye, the tools of a wordsmith and a passion for life, I offer here, a series of thoughts and observations, that for some may be a catalyst for conversation.

Welcome to “Life Through the Lens of a Romantic

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  1. Harper 2013/02/06 at 3:17 pm - Reply

    Thoughts on Chivalry by Harper

    Inspired by discussions of Romance on the net.

    Chivalry bloomed in the age of Romance as an acknowledgment of beauty and respect. It extended beyond mere courtesy into practicality. Assisting a lady to enter a carriage or through a doorway when she is encumbered with tight corset and hoop skirt came of common sense. Protecting the honor of one you cared for who was not schooled for battle, at a time when one lived by the sword was the right thing to do. And Chivalry expanded into a code of honor, to do no harm to the good and innocent, to assist those in need, to acknowledge and respect the rights of others.

    I encounter few women that desire a pedestal. What is desired I believe, is respect, recognition and to be honored for who they are as a person.

    The opening of a door, be it for a woman, a child, an elder or someone in need is a way of saying;” I see and acknowledge you”. There is still a place in society for extending a hand, an arm to caution another of a bus about to splash a cross walk, a patch of ice or dog shit that might be unnoticed. There is ample, simple everyday opportunity to assist another in distress. When seeing a woman struggling to reach for an item on the top shelf at the grocery, do you offer aid?

    Is Chivalry a lost art? I think not. I challenge my readers, man or woman to practice random acts of kindness.

    In the flicker of a smile, a nod of the head or twinkle in the eye of the recipient of your action, you’ll find the answer.

  2. Harper 2013/02/13 at 10:16 pm - Reply

    Valentines Challenge: “Play it Forward !” by Harper

    It’s Valentine’s week, a time when the otherwise timid are encouraged to express feelings and tap into the concept of Romance. Look around. The world shouts, “IT’s OK !” to feel and express love this week. Feel it ! Live it! And make it part of your life.

    I count myself as one of those lucky ones; an artist, a musician, and a writer, someone in love with life. Romance flares often in the hearts of those like me, unbridled by convention, unbound by limitations on public or private displays of affection. Romantic souls don’t need permission or a special day to practice the art of Romance. We know great freedom and satisfaction in acknowledging feelings of joy on a regular basis.

    Do you desire more joy and laughter? The elements of Romance swirl around you daily. Allow yourself this day, this week to tap into it. “Play it Forward” and Romance will soon begin to flow and warm you with its soothing currant, under the surface of your daily routine and bring a smile to your heart.

    This day, is a day of Romance, embrace it. It’s more than a day of candy and flowers. It’s a day to celebrate passion; those feelings found in love songs, story and fable are real. Take a moment, pause in wonder at life around, breathe deep of it’s magic and give thanks as a participant in it.

    Take up the call and Re-Romance, NOW !

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