What is Romance?

  • Looking to define, “What is Romance?”
  • Looking to rediscover the mystery of Romance, the excitement of love? 
  • Eager to rekindle that spark necessary to ignite joy, passion and bring magic back into your life?
  • … You’ve come to the right place.

This is not a meet up, matchmaking or dating site. It’s not a membership site to hook up with that special someone. It’s not another eharmony.com , match.com, meet-up, grey date, or zoomer.com. If that’s something you desire, check out our “Heal Yourself” pages, visit our shop and resource pages.

What is Romance?

Romance as a concept is easily corrupted. It has become a term that one equates only with the game of dating, the quest for sex and the relm of alternate realities. It is used to describe genres of literature, categories of fiction. And yes, those things may be discussed on this site. But they are here as an introduction to something much deeper, a concept of Romance that we hope to reignite.

There was a time, not that long ago when Romance was a way of life. At its core was the pursuit of a passion, about finding and fulfilling a dream. Romance was a mood, woven into our connection with our known universe and the feelings that reached deep in our soul.

Re-romance is for people who desire to bring Romance into their lives. For some it’s looking to connect with another, not because they are incapable of living a life alone, but because they have felt at one time, or intrinsically know that a greater joy can come from sharing life with a significant other. For others Romance is a concept that runs deeper.

This site is dedicated to all those who are searching to connect with their passion.  To discover, “What is Romance?”, to find or regain it,  drink deeply from these pages and refill your being.

Within this site you will find the stories of Romance by people on a journey to find a life or rekindle a spark that makes each day a joy. You will hear the tales of those starting on a pathway to new love. Share the fears and frustrations of those stumbling along rocky roads leading into or out of relationships. Hear the cries of despair or echos of laughter about the dating game. You’ll nod your head or shake it. Compassion perhaps even condemnation may cross your mind as you scan different stories. Reflect, or make a mental note regarding words, phrases, actions or activities that strike a note, in harmony with your own life.

I invite you to a world made by and for people searching to bring Romance into their lives; a world for those who are young at heart, no mater their age in years, their physical appearance, out-worldly attributes. This is a place where the reader learns to believe that fairytales can come true. That love, like rainbows, can follow a storm. That soul mates exist and relationships can be beautiful. That passions followed can enable us to soar! And so much more.

How do you define Romance?   What you write might spark the desire or fan the flame of another, someone looking to experience Romance or pursue a passion.

Welcome to our world…stories of people searching for romance.

And please invite others to…

Re-Romance Now!


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