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Harper 2012/07/22 3
Exploring Passions – Guest Bloggers Forum

  • Search your heart and discover your passion.
  • Let your soul lead your spirit.  
  • Within you is the power to kindle a spark or fan the flame that can change your life.

Guest Bloggers are invited to share 300-500 words about following their passion. Submit a story about finding joy and happiness in how you live your life. Share how being fully present in thought and actions, you have set it in motion a new chapter in your life.

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  1. Harper 2012/07/24 at 5:09 pm - Reply

    Do you get caught up in an adventure tale, a book, a movie or story about people meeting and falling in love? If you do, you have romance in your soul.

  2. Rishi 2012/07/25 at 10:49 am - Reply

    What happens when we are swept up in a new romance with a new person? There certainly seems to be chemicals released that create a kind of euphoria, an ecstasy that can go beyond other stimulants taken to enhance or dull feelings.

    Couples who have been together for long periods of time may or may not experience the excitement of newness, but there are some who work at recreating it in little ways. Certainly there are blissful moments in old relationships as well as new ones. There are trade offs like the comfort and peace of a security of knowing the other.

    Believing in the impermanence of all things, security is relative like all things. Just as the euphoria of a new relationship is temporary (as much as I hate to admit it), nothing can stay new forever. How long before it isn’t new anymore? Does it even matter?

    Relationships with others can maintain a sense of excitement no matter how new or old.
    Relationship is something that we are here on this earth to experience. The Dalai Lama talks about the interdependence of all things and in that we may feel a sense of romance with many aspects of our life. There is a mystery of romance that can take us out of the everyday life and into an idealized place of joy and contentment.

    Can the various kingdoms of nature take us to this mysterious place?
    A crystal from the mineral kingdom may emit an energy from the sun that puts us into a place of peace, or the scent of a flower might stimulate ecstatic feelings. An animal that we love dearly, a dog, a cat, a horse, might excite in us deeper feelings of love than another human being. Our relationship with a spiritual teacher or Master can also bring us to a state that could possibly be considered romantic. What do we love? Who do we love? How do we love? What IS love? It is often described as attachment.

    Romance is so involved with the feeling nature, it may not qualify as a Buddhic State of higher intuition. It probably resides within the second plane of emotion or astrality. That makes it less real when looked at from top down. In other words, we can be involved in a romantic feeling or state but as it shifts into a more solid place, it becomes something else. Would anyone care to put a term on this something else, or is it beyond definition? When a relationship is broadened to mean Love with a capitol ‘L’, it probably moves out of the emotional or astral quality and into a more real connotation, such as Joy, Love or Service. So what has been teased out here is romance comes from the feelings, the astral nature. Beyond that, we get more of an unconditional Love that goes beyond an kind of sticky, gooey, attached feelings to another.

    Perhaps a romantic attachment is the beginning of a greater possibility.
    We start with desire and end up with aspiration. Aspiration at some point becomes a knowingness, when there is no more need for movement or striving. When we just simply are, we live in the moment, we speak of Being, and there is no more separation of this and that, you and me. There is a synthesis; all is One and then …. ta da! Freedom, Liberation, At-One-Ment, En-Lightenment is ours!

    And all because we allowed ourselves to engage with romance. We were open, aware, vulnerable, willing to participate with another, courageous, caring and willing to venture into the unknown.
    That makes romance pretty special!

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