Love was in the air

Harper 2012/07/29 1
Love was in the air

With minimal effort, finances and planning, you can transport yourself and another to a special place. One with romantic overtones to stimulate and create memories of past, present and future love. A glance at the community cultural calendar is often all that’s needed…Re-Romance  Now! …Harper…

The moon was in the seventh house; we reentered the age of Aquarius and the stage, a haze of smoke and music. Last evening we returned to when love ruled the day. A foothills community production of “HAIR” filled the 170-seat auditorium to the sounds of the summer of love. The place was charged with good vibrations in response to many days of sold out performances.

The crow queued early for the Evergreen Players. The lobby a mosaic of familiar faces. Some in the audience naturally attuned and adorned as the actors in costume on stage. Others, fathers and mothers now, shed of fringe and beads for more conventional garb, rested comfortable in seats as lights went low and the play unraveled its tale.

Decades have flown by since the first telling. Cultures now merged, accepting, appreciating the realities of the times. As familiar songs like “I believe in Love”, wove through stepped tiers, patrons let their hair down to feel again what was once sought with passion and mind expanding substances. The mood mellowed and bodies swayed. Old and young moved and felt it. Couples new in love, couples whose love was ageless.

Romantic indeed, this portrait of a past that has imprinted on life in this country forever. Romance in action, in the smiles and embrace of those in standing ovation, as actors and audience danced as one. Romantic, to be sure, as I held the hand of the one I came with and will lay with that tonight.

The mood transcended daybreak as we cuddled, shared passions and “Let the sun shine in”. Knowing in truth, our story as well was timeless.


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  1. Willow 2012/08/19 at 4:34 pm - Reply

    Isn’t it interesting that a song from long ago can hold so much importance and relevance so many years later. It’s when we experience these possibilities in our real life that the information we learned has such deep meaning. The Age is upon us, if only the first drops in this 2500 plus year cycle.
    Stay tuned because all our senses will continue to rev up and the intensity has only begun to be felt!

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