Finding Romance

Finding Romance

There are a number of ways we define Romance. On this site we look at the nature of Romance as a way to expand our connection with life. We look to discover it, to explore our passions, to understand it, to bring it close and feel it.

There was a time, not that long ago when Romance was a way of life. At its core was the pursuit of a passion. Romance was about finding and fulfilling a dream, about spreading our arms wide, reaching out to capture and embracing your hearts desires. Romance was a mood, woven into our connection with our known universe and the feelings that reached deep in our soul.

This is a time when the world, the planet and its people face tremendous challenge. It is a time of change, with all the strife and angst that comes with change. What better time that this to recognize, appreciate, foster and celebrate a concept that brings joy and happiness? 

We invite you to discover ways people have found a connection with and honored their romantic spirit. Read tales of how people brought romance into their lives and answered the question, “What is Romance?” ...Harper

Romance and Love.

As people, we look to connect with other people who have similar desires and passions. Something within urges us to connect, to mate. Even at out most confident, many feel deeply that in union with another, we can achieve heights that exceed what we can do and feel alone. If we can experience Love on the wings of Romance we can soar!

Driven by this feeling we roam our world, subject ourselves to personal challenges that test our strength and endurance. On these pages and posts we explore that aspect of Romance. We share our tales and stories to learn and offer hope. We speak of Romance found and rejoice, for if it can happen to some, it can happen for us.

Romance and Passion

We also begin to look at Romance in other ways. In our post “Romancing the Stone” we explore the concept of Romance on a deeper connection that drives our passions.

Many live their passions and have found Romance in what they do. For some it is writing, weaving words and crafting a tale.  For others it’s loosing oneself to music, the voice and harmony that resonates through them body and soul. Still others touch Romance in the moment of creation, giving themselves to the creative muses of an art form. They find it in the heat of a glass furnace, at a potter’s wheel or a jeweler’s bench.

 Some find their connection with Romance in the glint of chrome covering a vintage Harley, for others astride the back of a stallion galloping through pristine forests. And some experience Romance in the spirit of adventure, in the moment of awe and wonder, in ascent of a mountain peak or the rush downhill in new fallen snow.  An astronomer just shared of his Romance with the heavens from his small encampment in the middle of the desert.

We invite you to read and broaden your definition of Romance in those passions shared by others. Perhaps you will recognize that Romance can be found in many forms and within you as well.

What is Romance?     What is it we search for?     How do we define it?

You’re invited to share tales of “Romance Found” and encourage others to share theirs.

Re-Romance Now !….Harper


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