Captain Jerry…and his sperm whale.

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Captain Jerry…and his sperm whale.

From coastal waters comes this true tale submitted by a reader.

Captain Jerry. ..and his sperm whale.

Guys who own yachts like to be called Captain. Jerry’s was a Sea Ray… very large and long on the outside. Very phallic but like Jerry, it turned out, this outing had little to offer. The Captain had taken me out to dinner a few times before he invited me on his yacht. I agreed to meet him at appoint hour.

Feeling good about our date, I drove along the waterfront, arriving at the harbor before sunset. There, set out on the deck next to the yacht, were table and chairs. Well thought-out preparations to host a fine dinner. He was grilling fresh salmon. There was a full course meal on real dishes. This was no a casual picnic. Fine wine and baked goods, all first class as befitting a Captains Table.

Envisioning a stroll on deck to savor the wine and watch the sun play off the water. A slight breeze filled the air as I moved to board the boat. It’s gleaming white deck and furnishing looked inviting. “Hold off”, the captain commanded, “No food or drink allowed on board.” A strange thing but the Captain’s orders were to be obeyed.  It was a warm summer night; the company and conversation had me in a good mood.

Excusing himself to do something below deck, I cleared the table and cleaned the dishes. I heard movement in the cabin he had lead me though earlier. The pleasant sound of music from his shipboard stereo drew me towards the stateroom, the Captains quarters.

There he was, naked just under the covers. “Come and join me” he said. “No” I replied, I need to get home. “Stay a while” he said, “just touch me.” I hadn’t read the ships manual, but understood his request. No !, I really need to get back home, glancing around for something to throw, I swore I spotted a worn copy of MOBY DICK. (A wise woman knows, not all Captains orders are to be obeyed)

He turned to me and uttered, “stay a bit.It won’t take you long to give me a blowjob, I come quickly.“  Ick, Ick I thought, no Captain he. Just a sad boy. Leaving him at half-mast, I walked away bidding that he never call me again.

The Captain couldn’t accept the ship had sailed and tried for months to board me. Poor boy. I had to block him from my phone and e-mail.

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