5 Tips to Romantic Holidays

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5 Tips to Romantic Holidays

Romancing the Holidays,

As the calendar turns to holidays, we are presented with precious opportunities to bringing families and friendships together. For new relationships and old, the season is primed with occasions for celebration. Within our reach are the seeds to manifest and the nectar to feed romance. In the atmosphere of the holidays twinkles the joy we desire, the happiness we deserve. Holidays like these can inspire romance. We can know and feel romance as a passion that burns bright in our soul and brings a glowing smile to our face for all to see. As people gather, all around us we can find fuel to feed the burning flame of romance found, rekindle a fading ember or spark a new relationship.

Here are 5 helpful hints to fan the glow:

  1.  Don’t fear coming into situations that confront feelings of love. If in the past, you’ve have experienced moments when you’ve longed to express yourself but couldn’t, don’t panic. Visualize a different outcome and flow into it.
  2. The best way to be part of a loving conversation involves actively listening to the other person. Let them talk and really try and hear what they are saying. You may hear words that open your heart and allow you to become closer to the ones you love.
  3.  Learn and practice phrases that might get you though periods of awkward silence. Roll the phrases over in your mind, close your eyes and think of what you just said. Say them out loud. Say them in front of a mirror as you smile and picture yourself with the one you love. Practice till they flow from within.
  4.  Revisit times when you have experienced what you seek. Picture the components that came together allowing romance into your life. Think about ways to recreate or stimulate a similar experience.
  5.  Observe life around you. Look for examples of love and romance each day. Begin to recognize the signs that signal and preclude random acts of romance. Recount moments of conversations that stirred similar feelings Share those feelings with others and explore them.

Many of our readers have thought romance too elusive. Once found it often remains only in cherished memories. But a void needn’t remain in a place where romance once enveloped us. Emptiness need not linger in the quest for romance. Once forgotten feelings still flow from within waiting for the moments to share the experience anew. Know that somewhere, sometime, somehow you can find it.

Holidays hold forth those opportunities. Be ready for them.

Re-Romance NOW !  … Harper


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