Reflections on Journaling

Harper 2013/05/04 0
Reflections on Journaling

Reflections on Journaling    by    Harper

There is an aspect of Romance in putting pen to paper. There is magic in dipping quill to ink, the act of filling a fountain pen with a favorite color ink. the feel of pen nesting just so as one guides line, to letters, to verse.

If you allow yourself to fully embrace the act, putting pen to paper is a sacred bond. Something spiritual is manifest in when transcribing thoughts along pathways connecting hand, head and heart as they are scribed immortal on the page. Given access to the blank page, the primal urge to scratch images in stone, burn symbols to bark, to tell ones story and reflect, capture or express the moment is unbound for all to experience and indulge in.  Though most days, I sit at keyboard to write or blog, my fingers are not as one with my words as they are with pen in hand.

Some find journaling or the keeping of a diary easy, meshing the process into their daily routine. Journaling helps them focus, or remember, or plan or dream. Other like me find words and ideas flow in bits, a journal at hard serves in the course of a day for staying on task or penning random thoughts of brilliance, ideas for action, solution and sparks of creativity that flash to mind.

As one who believes Romance exists in the magic of line forming words or images as they appear across a blank page. I express myself not only as a wordsmith, but also as an artist, and create one-of-a-kind handmade journals using recycled leathers with imagery inspired by my life the Colorado Mountains. My studio, Unbound Leathers, reaches out to those who need to journal, offering a tactile and spiritual connection to the process of journaling.

Visit to see images from my latest collection.

Someday, thoughts of writers and artists will instantly appear with no tactile connection. That I think will be a loss to morn.

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